Welsh museums

Welsh museums, galleries and archives to open two weeks after other indoor visitor attractions

Image: © St Fagans Museum/Twitter

Indoor visitor attractions have today been able to reopen across the nation, with Welsh museums, galleries and archive services having to wait until 27th July.

Following the latest 21-day review of the coronavirus regulations by the Welsh Government, first minister Mark Drayford has outlined the phased timetable for easing restrictions facing the visitor, hospitality and tourism sectors.

While indoor visitor attractions have been free to open from today, museums, galleries and archive services will have to be patient for another two weeks.

Despite praising “good progress to tackle the spread of this virus” thus far, Drayford notes that the threat “has not gone away and only by all of us acting responsibly will we be able to keep Wales safe”. This, he adds, “means maintaining social distancing, thinking carefully about where we go and why”.

Assuming they reopen on the 27th July, Welsh cultural venues will have waited over three weeks longer than their English counterparts and just under two weeks more than those in Scotland.

This reopening date is not, however, set in stone. An official statement notes: “a final decision about reopening these sectors will depend on conditions and feedback from the initial opening of the tourism industry, indoor attractions and hairdressing sector”.

The 2-metre distancing rule remains the default position in Wales. Where this is not feasible, businesses are required to “put in place a set of additional measures to minimise the risk of the virus spreading, including taking reasonable steps to minimise close face-to-face contact and maintain hygiene”.

The next formal review of Welsh regulations is due by 30th July.