Museums + Heritage Show exhibitors give tantalising taste of what’s to come

Main Image: LOQI's museum range includes a bag featuring Reneé Magritte's The Treachery of Images, 1935

At next week’s Museums + Heritage Show (16-17 May) there will be more than 150 exhibitors displaying their products and services. On show will be the best devices and supplies that aid the interpretation, conservation and enjoyment of our museums. There will be new launches, live demonstrations and the chance for visitors to see up close what museum providers have to offer. Here we give a sample of some of the products and services to make a beeline for

LOQI's museum collection includes a bag featuring Endless Rhythm by Robert Delaunay, 1934

LOQI Stand P1

The LOQI Museum Collection of bags, backpacks, zip pockets and luggage covers, brings together 50 of the world’s finest artworks from the world’s national museums. LOQI partner with The Louvre, TATE, Guggenheim, Rijksmuseum, SFMOMA, V&A and more, to give global art lovers one more way to carry their passion past the museum walls and share far and wide.

If you’re a minimalist, they’ve got Mondrian. If you’re a Japanophile, they’ve got Hokusai. Or if the luminous brilliance of Vermeer is more your thing – then there’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

However, LOQI are encouraging museums to design their own bags and label themselves as ‘your museum’s ticket to travel far and wide’. The company will be on hand at this year’s Show to discuss how popular their artwork-themes bags really are and also how you can send them your artwork to create bespoke versions.

The Department for International Trade will be hosting delegates from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Croatia, Greece, Hungary and Portugal

The Department for International Trade – Stand B8

The Department for International Trade (DIT), is delighted to once again be participating in the Museums + Heritage Show 2018 at Olympia, London, writes Richard Parry, Lead – Experience Economy Team.

“DIT continues to deliver an exciting range of events and initiatives designed to help UK-based companies succeed in international markets, and assist overseas companies in bringing high-quality investment to the UK.

For the Museums + Heritage Show 2018, DIT is particularly pleased to be taking part in the speaking programme and will be delivering a presentation on opportunities in the highly lucrative North American museum market. Joining me on the panel will be high profile speakers from Haley Sharpe and MuseumInsider who will share their expert knowledge and insights on how to win business in the USA. The presentation will take place on Wednesday 16 May at 09.45am in Theatre 4 – be sure to book your place early!

As in previous years, DIT will also be hosting international buyers from some exciting and growing markets at this year’s Show. Delegates from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Croatia, Greece, Hungary and Portugal, will be our guests at the Show and will all be looking to source UK goods and services, as well as discuss ways of collaborating on major projects. Also visiting the Museums and Heritage Show are DIT Commercial Officers from UK embassies and consulates, keen to share their invaluable insights and answer your questions about how to progress potential market opportunities.

All these market experts will be available for one-to-one meetings with both visitors and exhibitors at the Show. Please visit the DIT Stand B8 to book your appointment. UK based DIT representatives who support UK companies in the creative sector will also be available on both days of the Show to offer advice on how DIT can help you grow your business overseas. Do come along to our stand and engage with our team.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Show and wish all attendees a successful event.”

CYREAL – Stand C3

CYREAL, Cyber Reality, is a new company that brings a fresh approach in a fast-growing and rapidly changing market

CYREAL has developed an integrated and automated platform for the capture, storage and processing of images to create true, accurate, archive quality 3D models for the cultural & heritage sector. They have also addressed the problem of 3D models being time intensive and expensive. CYREAL Director, Donald Cousins, says they have created a product that is easy to use, both portable and flexible, and has a number of short-term and long-term pricing options for the delivery of both real 3D and 360° spin photography.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been available for several years, however, it is only recently, they say, that the technology has caught up with the early expectations and ambitions of developers. “Hardly a day goes by without a new innovation hitting the headlines,” says Cousins. “We saw that the cultural heritage industry could gain enormous value from this nascent technology. Many museums have a very small proportion of their collection on show or available.”

3D imaging can provide opportunities for:

  • Visitor experience – creating augmented reality tours – augment the physical reality of the museum with detailed 3D models to explore
  • Education – sharing objects not normally on display – send or take detailed models into schools and universities
  • Outreach – use technology to educate and share
  • Collaboration – reuniting collections around the world – bring together objects that belong together and have been separated by history
  • Digital repatriation – collect heritage from global locations – send precious objects home virtually
  • New revenue streams – licencing, services and retail – data capture for other institutions, licence models to developers and tourist agencies

Photograph © Brodie Castle, National Trust Scotland 2018

Paragon Creative – Stand D1

Paragon Creative has been exhibiting at the Museums + Heritage Show for more than  20 years, and as ever, this year they will be trying to fully promote and explain the wide range of services they provide. However, for 2018 Paragon will be experimenting with a new, bold and engaging stand showing off the full extent of what company can achieve.

To create their stand, they have tried to combine a highly themed environment with an interactive exhibition space on a smaller scale. Paragon Creative hopes that this will offer a microcosm of its full capabilities and skillset in one show-stopping piece! All will be revealed at the Show but we’re sure their stand will be an unforgettable example of what high-quality craftsmanship from a skilled and dedicated team can achieve for museums and heritage projects.

“The M+H Show is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with past, current and prospective clients from the museums and heritage sector, and to catch up with friends and collaborators in the industry,” says the Paragon Creative team. “It also gives us a great platform to show off what we can do as a company.”

Paragon Creative specialise in design development and fit-out for museums and heritage projects. They’re also a renowned provider of interactive exhibits and scenic work and are able to offer these elements as part of an integrated fit-out service without the need to shop around for different providers.

“Our 30 years in the industry give us a unique perspective on the evolution of museums and heritage exhibitions, and we have experience of over a thousand projects to draw upon, both in the UK and worldwide. As a team we are both technically-minded and creatively driven, bringing together talented people from backgrounds in design, engineering and construction, to fine art, theatre and film – all of us based at a single site just outside York. See you at the show! Stand D1 – you can’t miss us.”

YiPP – Stand W9

YiPP creates interactive exhibits, games and apps for museums and heritage sites. At YiPP, they turn stories into interactivity and love to engage visitors with simple, intuitive interactions while explaining complex concepts or history. “Our work combines the digital and the physical world in a way that sparks excitement and catches the attention,” says Director, Wouter van der Zouwe. “Every project we do is different. They span from explaining the hidden stories behind a 19th century farmhouse, to shining a bright light at the Dark Ages, to questioning what T.rex actually looked like.”

But, he says, all of YiPP’s projects also have three things in common: they tell stories, they are innovative and interactive and they are embedded in a physical place.

“It can be a museum or a heritage site or someplace else, but we always create for specific spaces, with actual people visiting. Do come and talk to us if you have a story to tell and want to be inspired on how to do that! You can find us in stand W9.”

Terracotta Warriors, World Museum © Gareth Jones

Armour Systems + Museum Workshop – Stand A12

Armour Systems + Museum Workshop are at the forefront of museum showcase and object mount design and delivery, serving the national and international heritage sectors and will be taking their place on Stand A12 at the Museums + Heritage Show

The firm excel in design and systems engineering, incorporating innovative materials and lighting technology at the heart of their work. We have collaborated with leading designers, architects and organisations for over twenty-five years on advanced showcase and display solutions for museums, galleries, private collections and luxury brands.

As brands of Conservation by Design, Armour Systems designs, manufactures and installs secure conservation grade products including:

  • Showcases and Vitrines
  • Nova, Vision and Proframe systems
  • Drawer and Cabinet storage
  • Planorama system

And Museum Workshop works with curators and conservators to design, manufacture and install special display products such as:

  • Custom-made object mounts
  • Acrylic torsos and mannequin figures and animals
  • Acrylic book cradles

“Whether your requirement is to display a British Legion poppy or Egyptian papyrus, a Terracotta Warrior or a 200kg cannon, do come and talk to our team on stand A12 where the Nova and Planorama display cases will also be on show.”

Lambeth-St-Mary, home of the Garden Museum. © Andy Barnham

Plowden & Smith – Stand K1

At next week’s Museums + Heritage Show, Plowden & Smith will whisk visitors off to the 11th Century church of Lambeth-St-Mary, home to UK’s only museum dedicated to the history of gardening.

With objects displayed, mounted and installed by Plowden & Smith, the Garden Museum in Lambeth, London has won wide praise for its innovative presentation of four centuries of gardening artefacts.

From the 100kg gates from Elias Ashmole’s house, to an original First World War poppy (one of only three which survive), the varied collection of the Garden Museum has been brought to life through inventive design, and innovative, highly-skilled display mounting.

As one recent visitor wrote: the museum has “beautifully displayed exhibits that makes someone like me who knows little about gardening inspired and intrigued”.

Plowden & Smith is one of the world’s leading conservation and collections care specialists, providing services to the museum and heritage sector for over half a century.

Throughout the show, Plowden & Smith experts will be on hand to discuss and advise on mount making, preventive consultancy and interventive treatment. The team will also be revealing details of some exciting new services.

Other highlights include:

  • “Meeting the Demands of Contemporary Stewardship: Complexities, Compromises, and Solutions for displayed objects” Thursday 17 May, 12:10pm – 12:35pm
  • The chance to win over £100 worth of goodies, courtesy of the Garden Museum

The Plowden & Smith stand is a must-visit for anyone working on exhibitions or with heritage collections!

The Museums + Heritage Show is free to attend and you can pre-register here.