BIDBI expands print offering to maximise museum gift shop merchandise quality

To help museums and their gift shops engage with customers through stocking high impact products, BIDBI has expanded its offer to include full bleed printing.

Gift shops play an important role in a museum’s revenue. BIDBI understands this and, while so many retailers adapt to reopening after lockdown, has added to its printing capabilities to offer products that benefit from all over printing.

Full bleed, also known as edge to edge and all over printing, is a printing process which covers an entire roll of cotton with a continuous design. When the cotton material passes through the printer any design can be continuously printed across the entire roll of fabric, producing an uninterrupted all over print.

This method enables BIDBI to print intricate and complex designs to a high standard and using multiple colours, producing a colour photographic outcome. Once printed, the roll of fabric is cut and stitched into the required product.

Full bleed printing is perfect for display paintings, photographs, and other artworks on bags, zip pouches, and home textiles.

Full bleed FAQ

Could I have a cotton product made completely to my own specifications using edge to edge printing?

Yes, because BIDBI print in house and manufacture in the UK. You can create a bespoke bag with the freedom to choose everything from the pattern printed on to the material, the shape of the bag, the type of handles and extras, such as bespoke labels, tags and finishes.

With lead times for custom-made edge to edge cotton products currently at 2-6 weeks, BIDBI offers all over printed merchandise that is both unique and efficient. These pieces are perfect for gift shops as they can showcase artwork unlike other print techniques, giving visitors something new to appreciate on every visit.