The world’s museums celebrate #MuseumSelfieDay 2023

Image: National Justice Museum, Instagram: @justicemuseum

The faces of the sector are front and centre as the trend which began in 2014 continues to spread across social media

A social media tradition taking place today in the museums sector is being celebrated once again in 2023.

The trend, which began in 2014, has since become one of the sector’s most positive community activities. Both museum and personal accounts typically share their photos, some adhering strictly to the brief, and others taking a creative and often comical approach.

Created by Mar Dixon, the hashtag event has survived the turbulence of lockdowns and pandemics in recent years, and is still in full swing nearly a decade later.

The day now attracts a global audience, which includes overseas museums, heritage attractions and visitors.

There’s still time to take part, use the hashtag #museumselfieday across social media and follow the official account, @museumselfieday.


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