Museum Selfie Day

Highlights of Museum Selfie Day 2020

Article: David Styles | Image: National Museums Scotland conservation team kicked off Museum Selfie Day with a beauty © Charles Stable

Attracting participants from around the world, the seventh edition of Museum Selfie Day is once again taking over Twitter and Instagram timelines.

Today sees the return of the most appropriate day of the year to take a selfie in a museum, even if Antony Gormley disagrees. The artist is quoted as saying it’s “absolutely legitimate” to ban mobile devices in exhibitions after their excessive usage “totally wrecked” the experience of his show at the Royal Academy.

This quote comes from a Daily Mail article today (sorry). They haven’t shared the story in relation to #MuseumSelfie Day though. Amateurs!

Celebrating its seventh year, Museum Selfie Day is now a permanent fixture on the sector’s calendar. Its success is due in no small part to the work and ingenuity of its founder, Mar Dixon. In response to the campaign’s runaway success, she told Advisor: “I guess I’m most surprised that after all these years the hashtag is still going strong internationally across so many platforms.”

2020 Highlights

Dr Miranda Garrett has truly achieved the gold standard of selfies.

This is truly a corker from James Akers. The Science + Industry Museum is way more fun than Erin’s face suggests, we promise!

India has certainly ended the idea that Museum Selfie Day is armless fun.

Top selfie from Vicky, eclipsed only by the photo-bombing skills of Josh. What a duo.

GHT Southampton is the perfect place to take a museum selfie during a flying visit.

Far too few statues retain their original cat ears. Alicia doing a great job of digital restoration at Norwich Castle today.

This is the first Museum Selfie Day on which a picture with a big sparkly tampon has been possible. Excellent work from Jessica at the Vagina Museum!

Zoë, have you done something different with your hair?

The Ashmolean team have taken this thing to a whole new level.

Oh deer! With the combination of backdrop, item and winning smiles this selfie has it all.

Staff picks

Anna, Director

“Even if this isn’t strictly a selfie, this is what today is all about: I had never come across the National Cowboy Museum before, but there’s no chance I’ll forget it now!”

Sara, Media Manager

“I have a deep, heartfelt affection for puffer fish. Jade’s selfie made me lol. Why the puff not?”

Kelly, Media Sales Executive

“I like that this highlights the fact you don’t have to be present in a museum to view their collections and to get involved, which is the way in which museums are also moving forward.”

Felicity, Sales Manager

“I like a good walrus and love Lego. What could be better?”

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