From virtual reality telescopes to magic boxes – suppliers prepare for M+H Show

By Adrian Murphy

As well as the hundreds of museum professionals at next month’s Museums + Heritage Show there will also be 150 stands from museum providers ranging from ticketing systems to storage solutions and complete exhibition designs to the furniture you sit on. Here we look at some of the latest innovations that will be showcased at the Olympia London event on 18 and 19 May

Panasonic Light ID to go on show at Museum + Heritage Show

Panasonic will showcase its Light ID technology at the Museums + Heritage Show 2016, which enables simple sharing of content for information, entertainment, guidance and advertising, using LED display technology.

Panasonic Light ID links smartphones with digital signage and provides detailed information through blinking LEDs at a speed faster than the eye can see. The system uses a dedicated mobile app to instantly share content between Light ID transmitters, such as displays and LED signboards, to smartphones.

“Demand for information display media both inside and outside of retail and leisure environments continues to grow,” said Enrique Robledo, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic. “Solutions, such as Light ID, that efficiently distribute information are set to become crucial.”

The system enables the transmission of Light IDs from a display using high-speed backlight control technology. This can be achieved through a compatible set-top box (STB) linked to the display, or through inbuilt media players using a USB memory device.

“A single display can provide a variety of information to smartphones,” said Robledo. “We think this has some very exciting potential for applications in museums, where detailed exhibit information and voice guidance could be provided using smartphones or tablets.”

Panasonic security solutions for visitor analytics will also be displayed at the Show, which include facial, gender and age recognition technology.

For more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions, visit the Panasonic stand B1 at the Museum + Heritage Show, or click

Content Conversion Specialists GmbH to showcase MagicBox – an interchangeable digital display case

What has driven CCS in Hamburg since 1976 is the question of how they can make knowledge more accessible by using technology.

They develop intelligent software to digitise archives and bundle news – and design innovative display systems to convey content in an interactive and exciting way.

The MagicBox®, one of their most recent developments, is a device that magically fuses traditional display cases with actual hands-on experience.

Print publications, up to now limited to a look-only display spread, will be fully tangible at the fingertips of the audience. Physical objects can be combined with video and 3D animation to enhance the understanding of their functionality and history.

The MagicBox® works with a transparent touch screen that is invisibly incorporated in the front glass of the display case. This makes it possible to superimpose images, videos and 3D models on the exhibited object while keeping the same object visible at all time.

The MagicBox® also comes with special content management system that lets you easily edit the digital content according to your wishes. So if you want to provide access to publications from the 20th century and share a video and historic photos: you can.

If you want to showcase an object from your collection and let visitors play with its superimposed 3D rendering the next week: again, you can. Just collect the material on your desktop, arrange it in the Data Manager and load it onto the MagicBox®, without the need need for external specialists.

See the MagicBox at stand G2 at the show.

Tourist Telescopes launch virtual reality telescope 

As part of the growing virtual reality industry, Tourist Telescopes are launching a Virtual Reality Viewer (VRV) at the Museums + Heritage Show.

Established in 1998 Tourist Telescopes has become a leading telescope manufacturer and operator that pushes the boundaries of the basic telescope’s capabilities with their Talking Telescopes that offer interpretations of scenic views.

Now their VRV, which is aimed at the museum and visitor attraction sector, will add a new dimension to interpretation technology for visitors.

Tourist Telescopes has produced a free standing viewer that can house VR images in a robust secure solution for visitors to be able to experience VR presentations where standard headset technology might not be up to the rigours of multiple use.

The viewers can be programmed to be free to use or coin operated giving full flexibility for venues.

“This is a natural progression for our business to take this exciting & innovative move with VR technology,” said director Mark Fairman. “We can provide a finished product for our clients or alternatively the housing can be supplied to architects or designers to their specification for their own creative input. We are proud to design and manufacture this product in the U.K. supporting British Industry.”

Tourist Telescopes will demonstrate the VRV to industry professionals at stand S2.

Acoustiguide to showcase latest application – Acoustiguide Mobile 2.0

Acoustiguide Mobile is specifically designed for guiding visitors around gallery spaces, heritage sites and historic trails, to help create user-friendly interpretation. The app is a fun and engaging digital platform for delivering content, while maintaining the clarity of the user experience.

It has an accessible, simple to use display to engage users and makes their visit as enjoyable as possible. Acoustiguide’s application framework has been developed over several years of testing and updating to give museums one of the best content delivery platforms on the market.

Their apps have been tried and tested in museums across the world, which gives them an understanding of what works, what doesn’t and the best way of presenting the results to visitors.

“Our most recent version updates have included rolling out improvements to our GPS mapping and the subsequent user experience involved,” said a spokesperson. “A brand new feature has been launched with 2.0 – downloadable tours. Needless to say, this will help to streamline bulky apps and allow the user a better experience on their personal device.”

Acoustiguide Mobile is a constantly evolving product at the forefront of the industry and remains a lively and engaging resource.

To see Acoustiguide Mobile in action visit stand D8.

Universal Fibre Optics to unveil the innovative Attracta magnetic track lighting system

UFO will launch their new magnetic track lighting system for display illumination and will be demonstrating the system at the Museums + Heritage Show

The system which offers the ultimate in versatility comprises of an extruded aluminium track which can be configured with various combinations of magnetic Attracta spotlight fittings. The fittings’ magnetic attraction to the track allows them to be freely placed, moved, slid and removed without any interference from wires or cables, thus providing the ultimate flexible lighting solution.

There are two Attracta fitting designs to select from, each is available with a choice of colour temperatures and lens types, from narrow to wide angle, and all can be mixed and matched within the system to suit varying requirements.

And as the fittings offer full 360° rotation as well as 180° tilt, they can be pointed in almost any direction imaginable providing greater control over your lighting displays.

To see the Attracta system in operation and benefit from a personal demonstration, head along to the UFO stand H14 at next month’s Museums + Heritage Show.