Artist’s impression showing an interior view of The Art Works. Image copyright of John McAslan + Partners

Plans advance for major Edinburgh facility to house Scotland’s art

Image: Artist’s impression of The Art Works interior. © John McAslan + Partners

A second public consultation on The Art Works precedes a full planning application later this year.

Plans for a major new art facility in Edinburgh have advanced as National Galleries Scotlands moves toward a full planning application.

A second public consultation sees National Galleries of Scotland share plans for The Art Works in North Edinburgh. It is now seeking community feedback on preferred routes for paths; to make the entrance area more open for multipurpose activities, and to improve access and storage for bicycles.

A full planning application will be submitted to the City of Edinburgh Council in Autumn/Winter 2022.

The Art Works will be situated on a brownfield site within the Granton Waterfront development, which sits three miles north of the city centre and will include 3,500 new net zero carbon homes and Europe’s largest coastal park.

Once complete, the building will become the country’s largest designed to the Passivhaus standard, which goes beyond the requirements for meeting Scotland’s 2030 carbon reduction targets.

It is hoped that The Art Works will be a base for more than 100,000 works of art to be cared for, conserved and researched, which are at present stored across several sites.

National Galleries of Scotland said the building will also offer “world-class visitor facilities, rooms for education and community programmes, and new outdoor public spaces.”

Previously known as the National Collection Facility, proposals for a building of this kind have been in the early stages of concept development since 2015.

Sir John Leighton, Director-General of the National Galleries of Scotland said: “This new consultation offers further opportunities for people to engage and together help us deliver a truly transformative building that works for all.”