Wild Wales

Have you ever considered walking the length and breadth of Wales? Travel writer George Borrow did exactly 161 years ago!

His resulting book ‘Wild Wales: Its People, Language and Scenery’ provides a colourful description of his trip, which captured the heart and soul of 19th century Wales. Today you can download the Wild Wales app and follow in his footsteps.

The free app contains 100 places that Borrow visited during his 300-mile trek, plus a further 13 walking trails to unlock. Read his personal accounts and see how the towns, villages and countryside he visited have changed since 1854.

The app allows users to fade old images and sketches into their device’s camera view and see how today’s scene has changed, compared with the past. With the app’s souvenir scrapbook feature you can capture your own memories of Wales and share them with friends and family.

No mobile reception is needed to use the location-aware app − once downloaded, all content is stored and can be accessed anywhere.

“Borrow’s vivid, contemporary accounts of life in Wales during the mid 19th century complements the work that Audio Trails does today – celebrating the rich heritage of towns, villages and countryside sites,” said Audio Trails Creative Director Dan Boys.

“This app offers a modern way for us to enjoy his brilliant snapshot of life in Wales as it teetered on the brink of transformation.”

The ‘Wild Wales’ app is currently available to download for iOS devices via the AppStore with plans for an Android version to follow later this year.

Visit the Audio Trails website for more information.