Augmented reality experts PEEL interactive bring parliament to life

Augmented reality experts PEEL Interactive have collaborated with the Houses of Parliament’s Education Service to provide an exciting learning experience at the venue’s recently-launched Education Centre.

Tasked with bringing historical figures, the traditions of the commons and the themes of Parliament to life, PEEL Interactive have developed a bespoke app which utilises augmented reality technology to add digital interpretation to the visitor/student learning experience.

The Education Centre has three themed teaching rooms, each with its own unique augmented reality experience produced by PEEL Interactive. In the Commons themed room an actor playing Sir Winston Churchill appears before the user, bringing the history of this iconic room to life.

In the Lords themed room, the app user is immersed in a full 3D digital reconstruction of the House of Lords in session with clickable hidden objects within the scene allowing visitors to discover more of otherwise hidden histories. Finally, in the Monarchy themed room, portraits of Queen Victoria and King Charles are brought to life as animations as they discuss their relationship with Parliament

“PEEL Interactive are committed to producing inspiring digital experiences that engage people in ways that have previously not been possible,” said Jessica Akrigg, Head of Development at PEEL Interactive. “As such we’re delighted to have been able to work with The Parliamentary Education Centre on this unique project which enables young people to interact with Parliament’s key themes and messages through innovative and fun learning experiences, and the cutting-edge application of Augmented Reality.

The app is the latest visitor interaction tool that PEEL Interactive has produced using augmented reality technology, following recent apps developed for The Alnwick Garden, Northumberland and Colchester Castle Museum.

“With the aim of enabling young students to interact creatively with the content in the centre and with engaging young people in a more meaningful and interactive way, the app increases the learning experience with new content, while at the same time ensuring it is delivered in a fun and innovative way.”

PEEL Interactive was commissioned by The Duchess of Northumberland to create the first visitor experience mobile app with augmented reality features for The Alnwick Garden. The app features a personalised video from the Duchess, a GPS-enabled 3D interactive map, and a variety of exciting augmented reality features, including how the garden looks at different times of year and a number of animated characters who pop up and interact with you.

The app for the recently refurbished Colchester Castle enriches the experience of the venue as well as incorporating a section dedicated to the wider heritage available around Colchester city centre with suggested walking trails and interactive interest points.

The app includes a number of exciting augmented reality features and 360 degree panoramas, informative videos and a wealth of high-quality imagery, as well as the 3D reconstruction of the Roman tombstones of Facilis and Longinus.