GVAM seeks cultural partner to showcase effectiveness of interactive audio guides

GVAM (Assessable Virtual Guides for Museums) is seeking a partner from the cultural sector in the UK to showcase the effectiveness of interactive audio guides as a means of collecting data from visitors and using the data to inform business practices to increase revenue

The GVAM concept began in 2008 with the aim of enabling everyone, with no exception, to visit a museum independently. In 2013, this project was the first to introduce apps for visits to Museums in Spain, improving audio guide services and learning about every visitors’ museum visit. GVAM has significant experience in developing interactive audio guides with additional functionality that enables them to operate in tandem as a tool for gathering Data in museums. Many museums around the world use audio guides as a means of providing information to the visitor. However, their role as a means of gathering intelligence from visitors is under-exploited.

GVAM is now offering an exciting opportunity for one UK museum to work in partnership with them to develop bespoke audio guides that gather visitor data and harvest information to shape business practices. GVAM will work with the museum free of charge to produce specifically tailored audio guides for your visitors that ensure optimal visitor engagement and collect data that is relevant to your organisation. They will then help the museum to interrogate the data to achieve new understandings of visitor activities and interests that can inform practices to enhance revenue. In return, GVAM asks that it is able to showcase the collaborative work to demonstrate the effectiveness of audio guides and intelligent platforms to potential future customers.

Relevant museums and monuments in the cultural industry across Spain, like Alhambra, Madrid Art Walk, National Museum of Art of Catalonia, Barcelona Cathedral, Madrid Royal Palace, Tour Bernabeu Museum or Camp Nou Museum, are offering this service.  GVAM is able to programme audio guides to operate as intelligent platforms that can monitor, measure, analyse and model the flow of visitors to different destinations. The audio guides thus provide objective, empirical, real-time, geo-referenced data that allow an understanding of the consumption patterns of destination visitors on the basis of a range of variables such as socio-demographic profiles, seasonal variations, etc.

For further information about this unique opportunity (individually tailored to your museum), please complete this form.

To learn more about how interactive audio guides can increase knowledge of your visitors to help create revenue, please visit GVAM blog here.