Dippy on Tour – timelapse video of the reassemly of a diplodocus

Dippy the Diplodocus at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery's Gas Hall

The Natural History Museum’s Dippy the Diplodocus has made its way from Dorset County Museum to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on stage two of its three-year, eight venue tour and this timelapse video shows how he was put back together on arrival to the city’s Gas Hall gallery

BMAG says that Dippy on Tour: Natural History Adventure is part of a wider exhibition on display throughout the Gas Hall which explains how Dippy might have been the end of the line for herbivorous dinosaurs but the meat-eating dinosaurs continued to evolve. The curators have displayed Birmingham’s colourful bird collection that will show the diversity of modern birds and how they evolved to become one of the most successful groups of animals inhabiting almost every part of the world from the oceans of Antarctica to tropical rainforests.

“His final toe bone was put carefully in place by a pupil from Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy in Aston, Birmingham. The school works in partnership with Birmingham Museums Trust across many areas and the Year 4 pupils were extremely excited to get a preview of the exhibition before it opened to the public,” said the museum.

While at Dorset County Museum (from February to May), visitor figures exceeded 150,000 people, more than trebling their annual figures in less than three months. The Jurassic Coast Trust jointly hosted Dippy in Dorset and through a collaboration with other local organisations more than 25,000 people ventured outdoors to enjoy their own Dippy-themed natural history adventures.

Dippy has been on show at Birmingham Museum and art Gallery since 26 May and more than 90,000 free tickets have already been booked to see him. Dippy’s presence will be felt throughout the museum, with lots of fun related activities to enjoy as wel as a Dippy family room, Dino Dig, curator’s tour, crafts and trails and a Dino Children’s Menu in the Edwardian Tearooms.

Dippy will stay in Birmingham until 9 September before moving to Ulster Museum, Belfast where he will stay from 28 September – 6 January 2019.