Collections management – new stores, environmental control and photography

Collections stores are being transformed across the country into slick operations that are making millions of objects not on display accessible to the public in new ways. Below Advisor focuses on three case studies including the tranformational refurbishment at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow into new accessible stores

Kelvin Hall was tranformed from 2014-2016 into stores for three nationally significant collections from Glasgow Museums, The Hunterian and National Library of Scotland. It has revolutionised the way the collections are managed and at the same time has created new relationships with communities using the collections for their own projects. We catch up with Christine McLellan, Logistics & Programming Manager at Glasgow Museums about the vision to create a partnership between the three institutions that sees the collections integrated. We also discuss how the new storage system makes it easier to access the collections.

What we have now is as close to solid storage as you can get, while remaining completely accessible

Christine McLellan, Logistics & Programming Manager at Glasgow Museums

We also look at Gemini Data Loggers introduction of radio data loggers at Weald and Downland that allows the environmental conditions in the Downland Gridshell building to be constantly monitored easily and we take photography tips with sector snapper, Dani Tagen, who offers reccommendations on how to tackle new projects and what to look out for.