American Alliance of Museums

American Alliance of Museums issues coronavirus guidelines

In response to increased governmental interventions on public health and the rising number of global coronavirus cases, the American Alliance of Museums has compiled various resources to allay fears of its members and to guide their decision making.

With museums ranked among the most trusted sources of information in America, the sector has a crucial part to play in providing education on the COVID-19 virus and the fight against misinformation regarding its spread, according to the AAM.

By empowering museum staff and the wider public alike, it is the Alliance’s belief that cultural institutions can and will play a key role in safeguarding populations. Promoting common sense preventative actions, such as washing hands and not touching faces, are cited a some of the best ways of achieving this.

Areas of focus

Educating the public on COVID-19
Reviewing staff policies and administrative concerns
Reviewing cleaning and collections care policies
Preparing for closures
Preventing spread at public events and programs
Preparing for COVID-19 as an individual
Using digital platforms to remain connected to audiences during quarantines

The AAM urges members to review and prepare emergency communications plans in case their communities are badly hit. These strategies, it asserts, should take into account staffing, procedures for approving information, and the availability of communications resources off-site to disseminate information.

The full American Alliance of Museums guidelines can be found here.