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About TM Lighting

TM Lighting is the UK’s leading art lighting specialist, manufacturing exceptional high colour rendition LED picture lights and luminaires for historic houses, galleries, museums and institutions. Our range of LED Picture Lights, Accent Lights and Gallery Spotlights engage the latest LED technology with 96+ high CRI colour rendition to vastly improve overall light distribution and quality, whilst reducing maintenance needs and addressing sustainability in light of energy savings legislation.

Quality of Light

We work continually to research and incorporate the latest and best LED technology to ensure they meet our Three C’s methodology:

  • Colour Rendition – only use LED’s with a colour rendition (CRI) above 95+ CRI
  • Colour Temperature – carefully selected colour temperature (warmth of light) to suit the environment.
  • Colour consistency –use LED’s throughout their product range which have consistent colour characteristics.

 Light Distribution

We use optics that ensure a visually even distribution of light across an artwork ensuring the canvas is viewed as the artist intended and not artificially enhanced in a particular region of a painting.

Art Conservation

The conservation and preservation of an artwork is essential to maintaining its condition, colour and value. Our products can be individually dimmed locally or remotely (subject to configuration) to ensure correct lux levels are maintained to avoid premature fading.  This ensures the emitted light levels are in line with CIBSE Lighting Guide LG8 for museums and galleries.

TM Lighting only utilises LED’s which emit light within the visible light spectrum.  This removes the more damaging portions of the light spectrum – infrared and ultraviolet – and utilises light sources which emit negligible forward heat emission.

Energy Saving and Maintenance

TM products are energy efficient and deliver high output while maintaining quality of colour. A typical TM Picture Light utilises as little as 10% of the energy of a traditional incandescent S15 lamp picture light.

We utilise high quality LED’s across our full product range which on normal use in TM products will deliver around 50,000 hours.  This compares to around 1000 hours for the S15 lamps used typically in older picture lights, a significant maintenance saving.

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