Usborne crowned IPG Publisher & Children’s Publisher of the Year 2014

Usborne Publishing, one of the largest and most successful children’s publishers in the UK, has been been named both Independent Children’s Publisher of the Year and Independent Publisher of the Year 2014 at the recent UK Independent Publishers’ Guild awards.

As well as being praised as a very worthy addition to the roll-call of lPG Independent Publishers of the Year, the organisers commented that Usborne’s 40th anniversary year was also its most successful yet, driven by outstanding sales growth in key export and rights markets. The judges said:

“Its presence around the world is phenomenal and it is evangelical about getting people to read. All publishers could learn something from Usborne.”

“It is astonishing what Usborne does in the most competitive of markets. It consistently grows, consistently takes market share, and 40 years on it still consistently does new things.”

“This award is completely just recognition of the wonderful work Usborne have been doing recently… A Bookseller’s dream!” – Waterstones Children’s New Titles Buyer

Peter Usborne
Peter Usborne

Usborne’s titles for the heritage and visitor attraction market are always popular. Already stocked in a wide range of museums, galleries and tourist attractions, they actively publish books which are aimed at this market. Their latest addition to the range is “My very first sticker art gallery” which allows children to create their own galleries and exhibitions with 260 stickers to match to the correct frames. Featuring reproductions of famous and lesser known works of art, along with background information about the artist or style, this is a fun and interactive way to introduce younger children to art and artists.