The DNA Association – Edutainment

The ability to build on the experiences and technology towards the future of digital based edutainment in museum and gallery applications has proven sporadic. Though many industries encompass the various disciplines needed to create compelling digital entertainment experience for educational application – there has been no way to condense these skills in one place.

It is with the formation earlier last year of the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Network Association (DNA) the aspects of the new application of digital entertainment systems for non-consumer application has been created. Beyond the more conventional amusement and attraction deployments, the DNA Association has also galvanized its efforts to promote and develop the application of the medium in the leisure, hospitality, retail and education realms.

Association founding chairman, Kevin Williams, is no stranger to promoting the deployment of digital out-of-home entertainment (DOE) in the museum and heritage arena, having presented at a number of conferences including the Museum Association in the UK on the subject. A specialist in this sector, he has also charted the rise and applications of new technology into ‘edutainment’ and has driven to promote the opportunities in growing an audience, and generating repeat visitation.

The DNA Association is supported by a growing conference and seminar operation – the second UK based event scheduled for the 21st of January 2013. The one-day DNA London Seminar 2013 is to be held the day before the Euro Amusement and Game (EAG) International Expo at the ExCel Center in London’s Docklands. The EAG seeing the latest technology for the amusement and the attractions industry (supported by the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA), and is a perfect opportunity for the emerging digital scene to present to an attentive audience.

Along with a power keynote presentation on “The NEW REALITY in Location-Based Entertainment”, and sessions including “New Models and Opportunities for 4D/5D Experiences in Leisure Facilities” and “Powering Up Apps in Leisure Facilities” – the 12 session of the one-day event will also look at how 4D attractions, and mixed reality technology can be deployed in the leisure and edutainment sector.

Along with the seminar – the DNA Association is working to gather together leading providers and operators of DOE technology in their unique fields to offer guidance and shape developments in the field. For edutainment the hope is that the curators will be able to share their views on the success as well as the failures in deployment of what is still seen by many as the ‘dark-arts’ – finding the right mix of compelling interactive narrative, and accurate historical message.

In promoting the opportunity of Out-of-Home entertainment, the DNA Association has also commissioned the publication of a far reaching book that will offer an insight into the scope and development in the industry; in particular charting the expansive nature of DOE application and the exponents of manufacturing and operating this technology; a section of the book dedicated to the edutainment field.

It is nearly impossible to keep track on one’s own of the fast pace of change that is shaping the application of digital entertainment technology in the heritage, museum, gallery, visitor attraction and classic collection sector. The DNA Association will be one of the only networks that will be dedicated to the application of this compelling architecture in this and other industries – and is hoped to prove a compelling and informative rallying point for its members.