When the Internet made its first appearance, Bob Dylan sang his famous lines ‘The Times They Are a-Changing’.

In fact, the times have never changed so fast. Within just a few decades, the Internet went from a small – though ingenious – military network to a mindboggling global communication and information system. Due to the hyper-exponential growth of technology the next generation won’t even know what a loading bar is, and I bet our children don’t even have a clue how a 56k dial-up modem sounds like.

It was about time to preserve all of this in a museum. The Big Internet Museum is the world’s first Internet museum, on the Internet. Always open and free for all. The collection is also an ode to all the pioneers who made the Web to what it is today.

The Big Internet Museum documents and displays the Web’s most interesting artifacts. It houses seven

specialized wings. In each wing, a different subject is categorized. Visitors can also submit a piece to the museum, so the permanent collection continuously grows. The times might be changing with an enormous speed, but with the museum we made a place on the Internet where the changes and highlights of the Web can be preserved. Not only for us, also for generations to come.

The Big Internet Museum is the world’s first museum with a diverse collection completely dedicated to the Internet. The museum opened its digital doors and can be visited for free at