The Audience Agency launches new research and insight initiative for museums – Visitor Finder  

Visitor Finder is a new initiative designed specifically to support museums in obtaining and using information about their visitors to help to inform their work across advocacy, business planning, engagement and marketing. Visitor Finder is the museums strand of the established Audience Finder programme that provides a similar service across the arts sector.

Building on the work that The Audience Agency developed through a pilot audience insight programme with nine museums in London and clusters in Cambridge and the South West, Visitor Finder will work collaboratively with regional clusters of museums.

Facilitated by one of The Audience Agency’s specialist Museum and Heritage Managers, each cluster of museums will work together on in-venue and digital research to answer key questions about the profile, behaviours and motivations of their visitors.

Clusters will be able to share information, compare data to other regional clusters and at the end of the year-long project discover national themes and trends. A series of themed workshops help clusters apply and use their research findings.

Anne Torreggiani, Executive Director, The Audience Agency said : ‘Visitor Finder is an important addition to the work that we are doing through the national Audience Finder programme. We are keen to ensure that museums receive a tailored service designed to meet their particular needs but at the same time benefit from the learnings of the wider Audience Finder programme.’

Visitor Finder is funded by Arts Council England.

To view Visitor Finder visit The Audience Agency’s website here.