The Audience Agency builds Audience Finder for Museums

At The Audience Agency we believe that everyone, wherever they live and whatever their background, should have access to culture.

To do this The Audience Agency built Audience Finder, the free national audience data and development tool, enabling cultural organisations to understand, compare and apply audience and visitor insight.

Discover who your visitors are. Find out who they could be.

Anyone can register for free to use Audience Finder, whatever the size of their organisation. If you are a non-ticketed organisation you can collect audience data by surveying a sample of your audience.

Survey data can be collected by one of two ways, either by conducting face-to-face surveys or by collecting email addresses and sending an e-survey to attenders after their visit. All of the admin is looked after by the Audience Agency team, which means you can focus on getting in the actual surveys.

Visitor profiles & mapping – what can you do with them?

From the survey responses, using visitor postcodes and Audience Spectrum, the only audience segmentation tool that uses both behaviour AND location, you will learn much more about who your visitors are, where they are come from as well as their likely behaviours, motivations and preferences.

By comparing your visitor profiles with those of the background population, you can easily identify likely areas for visitor growth.

Your audience insights right at your fingertips.

You can access survey data and visitor insights at any time via an easy to use online dashboard, enabling you to benchmark, analyse and segment your visitors. In addition, organisations can write audience development plans to deepen engagement with existing audiences.


So, how have organisations been currently using it?

With over 700 organisations signed up, including nearly 200 museums, we never cease to be amazed the innovative and inspiring ways organisations have been using Audience Finder. Regardless of whether the organisation is large or small, the insights have numerous practical applications, from York Theatre Royal and National Railway Museum, both of which shared data and used Audience Spectrum as a common language to talk about their audiences and visitors; resulting in a joint campaign for The Railway Children aimed at growing their crossover audience, to St Barbe’s Museum in Lymington, which discovered that the annual programme was the biggest driver for visits and have since adapted their marketing strategy to publish a brochure twice a year. It has also proved to be a powerful advocacy tool, with the William Morris Gallery sharing their findings with executive team and staff at an away day, helping them understand the needs of various types of visitors.

“Sharing findings with the whole team, and working together to identify what changes can be made to improve the visitor experience, is a great way to ensure that everyone is on board and understands what needs to be done and why.” James Gray, Marketing & Audience Development Officer, The William Morris Gallery.

Sign up for free

You can sign up for your free Audience Finder dashboard to start viewing national and regional audience insights and to explore the mapping and planning tools for yourself.