Tank Museum reveals ‘John Lewis style’ Christmas advert

Image: A still from the Tank Museum's Christmas advert

The video, set in the ‘Tanks for the Memories’ exhibition, has been viewed more than 50,000 times in the last week.

The Tank Museum has published a new video which it calls a ‘John Lewis style’ Christmas-themed advert to promote its brand and products.

The Dorset charity’s advert follows the ‘Tanks for the Memories’ exhibition, launched earlier this year, which explores the story of the tank as a cultural icon through toys, books, and models.

Created by the Museum’s in-house media team, it features its curator David Willey as its star, who has previously hosted some of the museum’s many YouTube videos.

The Tank Museum has a large audience for its video content. Earlier this year it claimed to be the most successful museum-based YouTube channel in the world as it reached 500,000 subscribers, and a total of 100 million views.

Its Christmas advert has been watched 52,000 times since its publication last week.

“Everyone remembers a favourite present from when they were children and the delight of waking up with the expectation of that one special toy that was on their Christmas list,” said Assistant Digital Marketing Manager Kirsty Goddard.

“We wanted to recreate this nostalgia by using popular YouTube stars, Museum curator David Willey and Fin, the Border Collie in a retro Christmas scene set in the Museum’s latest exhibition”.