Q&A Syx Automations – devising an all in one system for Royal Museums Greenwich

In 2012, Her Majesty The Queen formally approved Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) as the new overall title for the National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich and the Cutty Sark. Recently the 17th century Queen’s House was reopened after refurbishment and is now part of an all in one ticketing system created by Syx Automations

The RMG is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Like other publicly funded national museums in the United Kingdom, the National Maritime Museum does not levy an admission charge although most temporary exhibitions do incur admission charges.

Syx Automations’ ReCreateX is being used by the RMG as an integrated ticketing and Customer Relaionship Management system through 18 points of sale that sell entry tickets, guided tours, education sessions and retail items. Kiosks have been implemented to facilitate priority access for members and the scanning of entry tickets. They also utilise Syx Automations’ built in membership scheme to sell, maintain and track member activity in addition to the booking module which is used for school and room bookings and events. Tablets are used to accommodate membership sign up and ticket sales to ‘queue bust’ during busy periods.

All ticket sales, kiosk sales and internet sales are done through timed ticketing. ReCreateX ensures strict capacity of customer data for reporting and analysis purposes.  They use kiosks, pedestals, gates, scanners and access control to enhance the customer experience. A direct export to the finance system that handles travel trade and financial data ensures a secure and complete handling of all transactions and reporting.

Here we quiz Eddie Lee, UK sales manager at Syx Automation, on the system and its benefits to museums

How does the ReCreateX system work for museums and what are its main aims?

ReCreateX stands as a flexible and user-friendly software platform which is proven to enhance operations at some of the world’s largest museums. Syx works closely with our international clients offering superior technology and fully customisable software aligned to each individual organisation’s specific needs but the primary goal is to enhance the customer experience as they embark on their journey through the museum.

ReCreateX is suitable for use within both small and large scale projects and can support an unlimited number of users at once, with all information delivered in ‘real time’.

The key for successful organisations is ensuring customers are able to enter and move around the museum quickly and efficiently whilst making sure they enjoy their experience.

Why do you believe this system is useful and important to museums?

Our ReCreateX software has been specifically built with museums in mind and the integrated platform allows the efficient management of the entire operation. From the processing of ticket sales, membership management, school & group bookings and guided tours to the provision of access control gates and turnstiles, ReCreateX is your solution. The software also includes bespoke modules for POS, membership, group and school visits, shop sales, catering, facility bookings, invoicing, CRM, promotional rules, reporting dashboards plus many more modules.

What results can it provide for managing visitor requirements at museums and boosting ticket sales?

The system facilitates fast entry to the museum but allows for accurate data capture at point of sale, this data is then used for analysis and research purposes to further improve and refine the visitors’ experience.

Information is the key to efficient management, which is why our ReCreateX platform offers users an extensive suite of reports. Real-time statistical information including reports on visitor numbers, exhibition booking numbers, details of group bookings, membership bookings and direct debit contracts could be generated at the push of a button. We also are very proud of our customisable dashboard reports and our insight manager application that allows managers to access sales figures on the go via a smartphone or tablet.

What other information can they provide about the visitor to improve customer relationship management (CRM)?

The CRM module allows you to become more scientific in the way you analyse and understand your customers, it enables you to quickly and easily send out mailings by post or by e-mail to both your current customer database as well as any potential new visitors. With our sophisticated software, the key target audience can easily be filtered out and automatic mail merge campaigns can be set up within just a few keystrokes. In a similar way, automatic visitor booking confirmations, notices, reminders or event cancellations may be sent. Syx works with international clients empowering them to push the boundaries in terms of customer relationship management possibilities and leading to more efficient and professionally organised establishments.

How has the ReCreateX system as a whole improved the way the museums you have worked with understand their customers and provide better facilities for them?

Our customers have all the relevant facts and figures about their audiences at their fingertips which will allow them to develop programmes and initiatives to better service their new and returning customers.

Does your system work for mobile phones and if so why do you believe this is important to museums when trying to increase revenue?

Always at the forefront of new technological developments, Syx has recently developed a mobile ticketing application which allows customers to download an entrance barcode to their mobile phone for rapid entry onsite. Mobile ticketing enables operators to increase revenue streams. Visitors can place orders, pay for and validate tickets from any location. Mobile tickets reduce the production and distribution costs connected with traditional paper-based ticketing channels and increase customer convenience by providing new and simple ways to purchase tickets. Syx Automations enables operators to sell tickets through any mobile device whether it be through a website, iPad or mobile phone. On-site solutions include the use of tablets reducing queues and providing a way to install mobile selling points anywhere around the location.

What are the key benefits that the ReCreateX has for both the museum and their visitors?

The primary benefits of using ReCreateX in a museum are:

  • Fast, accurate processing of high volumes of visitors
  • Support of numerous ticket sales networks including travel trade group organisers
  • Use of the latest ticketing technologies
  • Professional management of separate events
  • Reports and statistical analysis for efficient marketing support
  • Integration with over 40 external applications