Survey seeks evidence of UK experience economy export value

Experience UK has launched an anonymised export survey to provide evidence of the sector’s collective export value to the UK economy.

The survey, which is running until 19th March, has been published to help Experience UK gather the high impact statistics needed to represent the UK experience sector and the companies that create products and services within it.

Data collected from the survey will be compiled with export trade figures from other areas within the creative industries, including publishing, architecture, music, fashion and gaming.

This will be used to make the case for the Department for International Trade to find new and effective ways of co-funding their efforts to grow international business. 

All information amassed will be anonymised, analysed and aggregated before being published.

Through partaking in this survey, participants will not only be helping themselves, colleagues and friends in the industry, Experience UK states, but will also provide the best possible platform to make strong and compelling arguments for the support of the experience economy sector. 

Upon the closure and analysis of the survey, Experience UK will plan future activity and assess how it can best raise the profile of their members and the experience economy sector to UK Government. 

The survey can only be filled in by UK companies and should take around ten minutes to complete.

The survey can be accessed here, with any enquiries directed to the Experience UK team at [email protected]