Street art by JR at Frieder Burda museum and NFC triggering in Baden Baden

The Frieder Burda museum in Baden Baden has launched a major show by French street artist JR with Antenna International providing the multimedia guide.

JR is one of the most innovative representatives of international, contemporary art and lives and works in Paris, concealing his true identity.

His oversized black and white portrait photos placed as monumental posters on houses, stairs and walls provide a profound commentary on freedom, identity and the limitations of the human condition.

JR works on various ‘projects’ around the world, staying in one city at a time to complete a series of work, and the guide focuses on these, introducing them as background context for each of the specific works on display.

During the exhibition, visitors using the multimedia guide have access to a huge range of audio-visual material including photos that have been supplied by the artist himself, and an exclusive interview, which he did in early January in Paris.

This allows visitors to gain a comprehensive insight into JR's career and the process, so important to him, by which the individual works of art are created.

In addition, Antenna has produced six audio commentaries for a project based in the same city, called “Unframed”, in which JR has pasted six of his photos in various locations outside the museum, around Baden Baden itself.

These are triggered through means of QR codes and/or NFC triggering provided by WooshPing, which can be accessed via any smartphone device with QR image recognition or NFC capability.