Spike Leisurewear pivots to slogan t-shirts as a way to keep the nation smiling

Specialist t-shirt design and print company Spike Leisurewear has taken the challenges of the pandemic in its stride and diversified its offer to keep both the public and the museums and heritage sector going

“I Think You’re on Mute!” How many times have you heard that expression over the last few months? Before the first lockdown not many people were even aware of Zoom, though today this video conferencing app has become part of our everyday lives. 2020 has brought changes none of us could have foreseen.

Spike Leisurewear is a specialist t-shirt design and print company. At the end of March its traditional market abruptly disappeared with the closing of museums and heritage sites. Its team of experienced designers, printers and salespeople were put on furlough and the company was left to take a long, hard look at its business strategy.

It quickly became clear that ‘normal’ no longer existed and all companies needed to adapt to the realities of lockdown and post-lockdown – however that would look.

Spike developed a small range of ‘lockdown-inspired’ t-shirts designed to put a smile on people’s faces and, hopefully, some money in the bank. The firm’s mail order customers and online traders bought into the range and the wheels of business gradually began turning again.

The challenge for Spike Leisurewear and many other businesses during this period has been to find a different way of bringing products to customers. The answer, of course, was to trade online; but in a more pro-active and smarter way than before.

The company commissioned a new, more user-friendly website and created designs that were highly relatable for people’s shared experiences. Although trade in 2020 continues to be challenging, Spike believes it is now offering a range of t-shirts which people understand and find funny.

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “if you can make a girl laugh you can make her do almost anything”. In this case, all the company wants anyone to do is buy a t-shirt that puts a smile on their face.

The new collection of Slogan t-shirts can be seen on the Spike Leisurewear website. For more information, call Richard on 020 8427 3740 or email at: [email protected]