Shorter scan cycles, faster operation

Zeutschel zeta office at the CeBIT – Hall 3 / Booth H17: New features for greater productivity.

The new updates to the user interface also produce the desired scan result even faster, which includes intuitive icons, a quick access toolbar and new layouts for the on-screen keyboard. The office sector also sees an interesting feature – support of other RFID readers that allow user authentication via chip.

“Zeutschel aims to continuously optimise its existing product lines. And, as far as possible, this should be of benefit to all user groups. So, existing zeta customers are able to use these new features simply by updating the software”, says Jörg Vogler, Zeutschel’s president.

The Zeutschel zeta provides additional image resolutions for smaller image files. The scans are executed in 300 or 600 dpi but the output can additionally be given in 150, 200 or 400 dpi. In some cases, this results in significantly shorter scan cycles.

The touchscreen on the right uses the same modern operating concepts seen in tablets and smartphones. Not only can selected sections be altered in size, they can now also be moved completely. In addition, a touch of the finger activates the new quick access toolbar so that it is much easier to quickly switch page selection and the different options for document processing. The on-screen keyboard features a new layout – available in German, English, Cyrillic and Arabic – making the entering of information is even simpler.

There are additional export options for the Kofax capture solutions and the QPilot print management system. Connecting a RFID-conform chip reader opens up new authentication options. This also includes more efficient workflows, for example, by automatically providing personalised e-mail addresses or the user’s home drive once the scanner has been activated.

The Zeutschel zeta Office

The Zeutschel zeta Office offers an innovative scanning principle for increasing operational and cost efficiency in the digitisation of bound documents. Files, journals or contracts remain open on the scanning surface, the scan is carried out from above.

This makes it very easy to turn the page for the next digital copy. Designed for typical office applications, the intelligent operating software delivers perfect results with the very first scan. Disruptive elements, such as folder brackets and levers, are automatically edited out of the image, crooked pages are straightened and distorted letters in the book fold are corrected.

The scans can be processed immediately in the most common document and graphic formats and either stored on a USB stick or secure network or sent as an e-mail attachment. Thanks to its flexible interface, the Zeutschel zeta office can easily be hooked up to a wide range of IT solutions such as document management and archiving. With intuitive operation via the attached touchscreen and a stylish design, the device sets new standards in office equipment.