Sheena Irving AV collaborates in award-winning interpretation projects

Sheena Irving AV worked with the Bright 3D design team, for English Heritage’s re-interpreting Eltham Palace project which was awarded First Place in the Museums & Historic Properties/Sites category at the 2015 Discover Heritage Awards, presented by Loyd Grossman.

SIAV-created a multi-track soundscape in the underground bunker used by the Courtauld family during the bombing of London in WWII, re-creating the ambience of the well-to-do family taking shelter from the air raids with their cook and butler in very comfortable surroundings, listening to radio broadcasts and enjoying board games.

SIAV also researched and compiled authentic period recordings of tunes that would have been played on the Grand piano in the 30s & 40s.

A second project with Bright 3D, Blaenavon Ironworks (CADW), was awarded runner-up place in the Landscapes, Forests, Nature reserves, Parks & Gardens category.

Sheena Irving re-created the industrial ambience of the Ironworks forge in full operation, filling the massive space with the sounds of iron smelting, bogeys and the furnace, featuring the voices of the foundry workers, with their wide range of regional dialects.

SIAV also created a number of audio plays which are situated outdoors around the site, and the selectable sound tracks for the outdoor model of the site.

All voices were in Welsh and English.