Selectaglaze celebrates 50 years of providing windows to the world

Selectaglaze was established in 1966 when England won the World Cup, and began its life working out of an office in Harrow-on- the- Hill, before moving to St Albans in 1972.

Several moves later, Selectaglaze has its roots firmly in St Albans and has expanded to over 90 staff. Its secondary glazing systems are constantly evolving to meet the varying and sometimes demanding needs of a huge range of clients and projects.

Continuing as a family run business, Selectaglaze prides itself on the range and quality of its products and technical knowledge. Testament to this is being appointed a Royal Warrant Holder in 2004.

Starting off with three simple styles of secondary glazing, one finish and three glass options Selectaglaze now offers more than 20 styles, as well as curves and shapes to suit all types of window. Every unit is bespoke and tailored to the requirements of each individual project.

Over the years Selectaglaze has worked in buildings from cottages to castles and notable projects from the Hoover Building to Windsor Castle, the Supreme Court to the Bank of England as well as Birmingham Town Hall.

Selectaglaze has tackled all manner of challenges, from windows that are over 4.5 meters high, to those that are difficult to physically access and in all sorts of unusual shapes. If one of the many combinations isn’t right for a project, Selectaglaze will design something to suit.

Selectaglaze’s secondary glazing is designed to make buildings warmer, quieter and safer.

Fitting secondary glazing can reduce heat loss by up to 50% as it traps an insulating layer between the primary and secondary windows. The use of high performance twin seals helps to virtually eradicate draughts and when low-E glass is used, a U-value of about 1.8.

Along with retaining heat, acoustic tests demonstrate that a sound reduction of 45dB is readily achievable and exceptional performance up to 55dB is possible using specialist products.

In today’s world there is a constant worry for safety, from break-ins to acts of terrorism. Secondary glazing can be used as a second barrier to entry and with careful design it will create a substantial deterrent to intruders, offer blast mitigation and even protect against firearms.

Selectaglaze’s secure range of products has been extensively tested to demanding standards.  The products are Police Preferred Specifications under the “Secured by Design” initiative.

Celebrating its 50th birthday, Selectaglaze looks forward to many more years evolving and designing new products that will help keep our buildings, warmer, quieter and safer.

For further information on test results, CPD presentation or literature please contacts the marketing department on 01727 837271 or[email protected] or visit the website at www.selectaglaze.co.uk.