proportion>london creates COMPONENTS a new range of sophisticated mannequins

In keeping with their long held belief to ‘buy wisely, keep forever’, proportion>london have combined their talents, passions, and practical nature to create something truly beautiful; COMPONENTS – a sophisticated range of male and female mannequins

These new mannequins come with interchangeable details, composed of shapes, finishes and texture of design integrity. In direct contrast with the fast paced nature of fashion and retail (where everything has a life of only one season), heirlooming is an intelligent design movement gradually gaining momentum in the world of VM. This is more a philosophy than a movement for proportion>london, they see it gathering strength as sophisticated aesthetics, value and prudence see informed retailers turning to quality, long-life production of store visual presentation props.

Proportion believes that the value of well-made display equipment shouldn’t be all about the price on the tag. It’s more to do with longevity, the provenance of the item and the story of how it was made. Until recently, those credentials have often been overlooked by high street retailers in a rush for cheaply produced knock-offs that arrive before the ink is dry on the order. Today, however, we are seeing a more considered approach to purchasing VM equipment, where hard won budgets are invested to build a season-on season kit of distinctive items and formidable dexterity that can be used for years to come.

Aware of the very practical need of mass production combined with the desire for elite product, Proportion created COMPONENTS to be humble in style yet genius in design. The simple repeat positioned bodies are the mass produced part, whilst the head, arms and hands can be lavished with more expensive and artisanal detail to create the specialness this concept imparts. Brutalist-shuttered concrete, textured cork, felted wool, raw open weave scrim, age-old looking crackle glaze and patinaed metallics, imbibe the collection with an understated elegance that belies the very simple and practical nature of the range. Like a classic leather jacket, some of the materials used in COMPONENTS look better with age, gaining character and depth as a one of a kind form giving each piece its own unique detail.

Promoting style over fashion, COMPONENTS is a timeless, interchangeable collection and a wise investment for a long lived body of VM kit, which allows retailers to blend display into the envelope of the retail environment and consequently, deliver an instant update with fresh head and arms as fashion tastes inevitably alter. Evolution, not revolution.

Drawing inspiration from architecture, interior design and traditional craft-based practices, the range was brought to life at Proportion’s new east London manufacturing facility, using a medley of natural materials and exquisite finishes, manufactured and assembled by a skilled band of craftspeople, proudly showing what first-rate quality can be produced in the UK today.

The COMPONENTS range can now be viewed at proportion>london’s showroom in Clerkenwell, at the heart of London’s design community. To book an appointment, please call the sales team on +44(0)20 7251 6943 or email: [email protected]