proportion>london collaborate with London’s Design Museum on Paul Smith Exhibition

London’s Design Museum recently launched exhibition ‘HELLO MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH’ demonstrates the development of seminal British fashion designer Paul Smith and his eponymous fashion label. proportion>london are thrilled to have been invited to collaborate with this respected institution in the making of the show through sponsorship of a range of bespoke tailor’s forms and mannequins.

Showcasing the work of this legendary designer and celebrating the excellence of a quintessentially British brand; this exhibition has been many months in the making and is as lovingly crafted as one of Sir Pauls celebrated suits.

Arranged in a series of white rooms – this show is anything but colourless. Gaining entry through a cramped space that replicates Paul Smith’s first shop in Nottingham, we emerge into an amazing central hall. Tall by contrast, the walls are hung with inspirational images that have likely also papered the inside of Mr Smith’s head for over 25 years. Jam-packed with tear sheets, paintings, drawings and artwork – every inch of the galleries wall-space is covered; showing the diversity of reference that has underpinned the Paul Smith brand since inception.

The exhibition houses recreations of both Paul’s personal office and his design team’s studio, complete with desks, shelves and walls literally spilling their cornucopia of random inspirational objects everywhere. During the official show launch Paul Smith himself talked illuminaries of the design world through various processes; including how the brand developed their famous striped designs and the transformation of old reference images into the famous contemporary prints he has become so recognised for. It was obvious that he is not a remote head of his empire – but an enthusiastic and essential part of the team’s creative character.

As a company, proportion>london have been honoured to have been associated with Paul Smith for over 15 years; proudly supplying this respected client with bust forms, mannequins and display equipment which embody the ingenuity and wittisisms of the labels VM approach. Like the Paul Smith brand, proportion>london pride themselves in innovative ideas – well executed, using quality materials and manufactured to the highest standards. They also share their client’s belief in UK production and local artisan skills, still choosing to manufacture the vast majority of product at their north-east London factory, using traditional techniques, with talented craftspeople of exceptional skill and dedication.

The unique DNA of the Paul Smith world is captured perfectly in this exhibition; which will later travel world-wide as proud ambassador not only of the brands originality and style, but also of British design, skill and workmanship.