Pembroke Castle’s great map of wales is Largest in Britain

Using a giant interactive painting, audio and video as well as a smartphone webtool Pembroke Castle has become a more vibrant attraction.

Using a giant interactive painting, audio and video as well as a smartphone webtool Pembroke Castle has become a more vibrant attraction.

Historic Pembroke Castle, the great Welsh fortress where Henry VII was born, is now the site of one of the country’s most innovative visitor experiences.

A suite of exciting digital and graphic enhancements is crowned by The Great Map of Wales, a large-scale representation of the country’s medieval heritage.

With a total area of 1,100 sqm, larger than two tennis courts, Pembroke Castle’s Great Map is thought to be the largest painting in Great Britain.

The new interpretation is connected to the Castles and Princes project, and is part of Cadw’s Heritage Tourism Project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund in collaboration with Carmarthenshire County Council.

Exhibition and graphic designers Hotrod Creations Ltd were commissioned to imagine and deliver exciting visitor experiences to bring the ancient castle and the medieval period to life.

The three main concepts are designed to engage school groups and sightseers: a giant outdoor map showing the castles and abbeys of Wales; audio and video encounters with five of the Earls who held Pembroke through times of national turmoil; and an innovative, interactive smartphone web tool which allows visitors to hear ‘first hand’ personal accounts from the castle’s medieval occupants about their daily lives.

Imagined by Hotrod Creations, the huge outdoor map was painted by famous British muralist, Peter Barber.

Visitors can walk over the map to trace the routes and fortunes of the invading Norman barons, the independent Welsh princes, and the Plantagenet royal conquerors.


These intertwined stories left Wales with its particular landscape, containing the highest density of castles in the world.

Hotrod Creations also delivered multimedia experiences in the towers and chambers of the castle, including actor Robert Hardy, playing Pembroke’s Earl William Marshal, the man who helped negotiate the Magna Carta (coming up for its eighth centenary in 2015).

The most forward-thinking experience installed into the Castle is a web platform by City-Insights that allows visitors to connect directly with Pembroke’s rich history and past inhabitants.

By holding up their smart phone or tablet to life-size depictions of the castle’s medieval inhabitants, visitors can access ‘first hand’ accounts about the daily lives of the servants, soldiers and officials.

The web platform also includes maps, downloadable pictures, and additional stories and fun facts, and is available via free on-site Wi-Fi.

Castle manager Jon Williams said: “The interpretation that has been put in place leads our visitors to every corner, nook and cranny of the site, and there is something of interest now wherever you wander, which is great step forward for us. Working with Hotrod and City-Insights has been a fantastic experience.

The creativity they demonstrated during their pitch for the project was followed up with a lot of communication and a real desire to deliver a quality product.”

Creative Director for Hotrod Creations, Mark Woods said: “Thanks to the smartphone revolution, visitor attractions can offer high-tech ‘wow’ without breaking the budget.

“At Pembroke Castle we created amazingly striking graphics – low-tech – and added a multimedia experience delivered direct to the visitor’s own device – high tech.

“In addition, we installed site-wide WiFi for visitors to guarantee access and create an additional revenue stream for the castle from those wanting to surf the net during an extended visit.”

Click here to watch a time lase movie of the giant map being created.