Online Heritage Debate to explore sector’s future priorities in 2042

The annual Heritage Alliance event will see panellists discuss the priorities of the sector in 20 years’ time, and will ask attendees to then allocate fictional funding.

An upcoming online debate run by The Heritage Alliance is to explore the potential priorities of the heritage sector in the year 2042.

The online event will see those with an interest in heritage explore key challenges facing the sector now and in future, as well as new opportunities and insights.

‘Heritage in 20 Years: What will matter most?’ will see attendees invited to collectively examine which of the key questions facing the sector will be most important in 20 years’ time.

Five panellists will make the case for a specific priority, and why that will be the most important issue for the sector in 2042.

At the end of the debate, all attendees will take the role of funders and will be given the chance to electronically allocate fictional funding between the five priorities.

The five issues to be presented and defended by the panel are: Community value, Inherent value, Business value, Climate crisis, Skills and workforce.

The five panellists for this event are expected to be announced by the Heritage Alliance shortly.

All types of attendees are encouraged to sign-up, from those interested in the sector to those new or well established within it.

Ahead of the debate Heritage Alliance has compiled a collection of blogs from those within the sector as they explore the themes likely to be discussed.

Existing Heritage Alliance members can attend the debate for free, attendance will otherwise cost £5 for concessions and £7 for general admission.

The organisation is also encouraging discussion on social media about the most important heritage priorities in 2042 via the hashtag #HeritageDebate2022.

Tickets for the event can be booked here