Cartoon Museum

NHS superheroes auction planned to support The Cartoon Museum

Images: Courtesy of Dan Digby

Inspired by the ten-week nationwide ‘clap for carers’ initiative, illustrations of NHS workers reimagined as superheroes will be auctioned off in aid of The Cartoon Museum in London.

To raise funds for the museum, artist Dan Digby will be selling comic style portraits of NHS workers as superheroes along with a range of other original one-off artworks.

The Cartoon Museum has been closed since 18th March, meaning no income from visitor admissions or the site’s commercial various operations.

Around £14,000 of a target £100,000 has been raised by the museum since closing due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“It is essential that the museum continues to raise funds to enable our survival into the future, so that we can continue to champion cartooning as an art form,” says director Joe Sullivan.

An artwork inspired by the Isle of Wight Tiger Sanctuary
One of Digby's works depicting NHS staff as superheroes

Explaining his motivation for creating artworks specifically for the auction, Dan Digby explained: “I wanted to help raise money for The Cartoon Museum, and as an artist I felt the best way I could do that is to create original artwork and auction it off, with all profits going towards the museum.

“I’m glad I can put my work to something good, and I think the NHS Hero character is definitely one of my best, so I’m pleased with that!”

The auction will go live on from 7th June and remain accessible until the 14th, with successful bidders being contacted the following day.