Next Fourth Plinth commissions revealed

Image: L-R Andra Ursuta, Untitled, 2024; Tschabalala Self, Lady in Blue, 2024 (James O Jenkins)

Works from Tschabalala Self and Andra Ursuţa take the Trafalgar Square art schedule to 2030.

The Fourth Plinth public art program in London’s Trafalgar Square has announced the next two artists selected to have their work displayed.

Artists Tschabalala Self and Andra Ursuţa have had their work chosen from a shortlist of six by the independent Fourth Plinth Commissioning Group.

For the 2026 installation, Self will present ‘Lady in Blue’, described as a “homage to a young, metropolitan woman of colour inspired by a desire to bring a contemporary ‘everywoman’ to Trafalgar Square” by the office of the Mayor of London.

Made of bronze, the work will be patinated with Lapis Lazuli blue, a rare pigment that has been used since antiquity.

Untitled by Andra Ursuţa sees the artist present a hollow, life-sized person on a horse covered in a shroud and cast in a slime-green resin.

The sculpture, set to be displayed from 2028, “embodies multiple histories of public sculpture and commemoration at a time when there is increasing debate about the use of public space.”

The artists’ maquettes are currently on view at the National Gallery until March 17th.

The announcement comes as plans take shape for the next work, Improntas (Imprints) by Teresa Margolles, scheduled for unveiling in September.

Ekow Eshun, Chair of the Fourth Plinth Commissioning Group, said:“I would like to congratulate Tschabalala Self and Andra Ursuţa on winning the next commissions for the Fourth Plinth from an incredibly strong and exciting shortlist. Thank you to all of the artists who took the time to consider the commission and to the public for taking the time to share their thoughts. I look forward to seeing these works created in scale for Trafalgar Square.”