museums reopening

NEMO maps the reopening plans of museums across Europe

Having played a pivotal role in measuring and recording the sector’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Network of European Museum Organisations has launched a map which highlights the varying reopening plans of countries across the continent.

With the help of its members, NEMO has created a map that provides an easy-to-read overview of European countries’ plans to reopen museums to the public.

Many are taking the approach that, if managed well and with appropriate security and safety measures, there is no reason to keep museums closed. Others, including the UK and France, have remained more cautious and given no indication of potential dates as of yet.

As things stand

Below is a list of the official stances of European nations to re-opening museums (accurate 01/05/20)

Sweden – Still open (with regulations)/ 6 May (TBC)
Germany – 22 April
Lithuania – 27 April
Serbia – open (since last week of April)
Croatia – 27 April
Iceland – 4 May
Poland – 4 May
Montenegro – 4 May
Hungary – 4 May (open air museums only)
Slovenia – 5 May
Italy – 18 May
Czechia – 25 May
Austria – 18 May
Belgium – 18 May
Estonia – 18 May (open air museums from 2 May)
Spain – (third week) May
Cyprus – 1 June
Switzerland – 11 May
Norway – 15 June
Bulgaria – no date
Finland – no date (To be determined on 6 May)
France – no date
Greece – no date
Ireland – no date
Latvia – no date
Malta – no date
Netherlands – no date
Portugal – no date
Romania – no date
United Kingdom – no date

By clicking on any of the listed countries on the interactive Google map, additional information about the current situation is available. This includes advice about security measures and various digital strategies being implemented.

The resource contains detailed information about each nation's policies and their plans for re-opening

NEMO has endeavoured keep the map updated as soon as new information is gathered.