Natural History Museum’s Titanosaur undamaged after Just Stop Oil protest

Image: A still from a video of the protest posted by Just Stop Oil

Protestors covered the dinosaur skeleton cast in orange cornstarch late last week, forcing its exhibition to temporarily close

A protest at the Natural History Museum which saw the museum’s Titanosaur skeleton exhibit ‘painted’ with cornstarch has caused no long-term damage.

Just Stop Oil said two protestors entered the museum on Thursday to cover the dinosaur skeleton cast in the orange powder, forcing the exhibition to temporarily close.

The protest was part of the group’s efforts to demand the government halt all new oil and gas projects in the UK.

The cast of the Patagotitan Mayorum skeleton is the centerpiece of the museum’s ‘Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur’ exhibition. The cast is four times heavier than the ever-popular Dippy the Diplodocus, and is thought to be the most complete gigantic dinosaur ever discovered.


The museum told Advisor there was no long term damage to the exhibition following the protest. The exhibition was forced to close on Thursday, but reopened on Friday.

A Natural History Museum spokesperson said: “Thank you for everyone’s support on Thursday following the closure of our Titanosaur exhibition and we were sorry to all our disappointed guests who were not able to explore the gallery.

“Our mission is to create advocates for the planet. We’re helping people understand the threats to our planet and how to overcome them through our exhibitions and online content and our 350 scientists are working to find solutions to the planetary emergency.”