The exterior of the National Gallery, London

The National Gallery to house national arts education programme Articulation

Image: National Gallery - © National Gallery, London

The programme will move from the New Art Centre in Wiltshire as it takes advantage of the Gallery’s vast collection of art.

The National Gallery is to become the new home of Articulation, a national education programme for students aged between 14 and 23.

Articulation was originally established in 2006 by the Roche Court Educational Trust; an arts education charity formerly based at the Roche Court Sculpture Park and New Art Centre in Wiltshire. The Trust supports children and young people to ‘look, think and speak’ about art to gain confidence in themselves and their future.

It is now run across England, Scotland and Ireland to deliver the annual Articulation Prize alongside a number of other Articulation initiatives such as Discovery Days; the Discover Articulation Challenge, and an expanding alumni network with fifty museums, galleries, universities and arts associations

The move is hoped to ensure that the Articulation programme continues to grow, reaching new regional audiences and taking advantage of the collection of its art collection.

The move is a part of the National Gallery’s efforts to reach out to communities around the UK and play a bigger role in the wellbeing and education of the nation.

Leading arts professionals from across the country will be invited to support the work, with past contributors having included Antony Gormley, Hannah Rothschild, Tim Marlow, Hetain Patel, and Zoé Whitely, as well as having been a focus on the BBC’s Culture Show.

The National Gallery is also welcoming a major new funder: the Kusuma Trust in support of Articulation.

Currently over 6,000 young people, teachers and art educators take part in Articulation’s events every year.

The National Gallery aims to extent the programme into all twelve regions of the UK and expand the number of partner museums, galleries and educational institutions Articulation partners with. and focus on reaching pupils at secondary schools who are eligible for free school dinners.

Commenting, Dr Gabriele Finaldi, Director of the National Gallery, said: “The Gallery’s team, collection and networks across the UK and internationally will allow Articulation to scale-up and reach an even broader range of students, whilst being faithful to its original purpose and ethos.”