National Football Museum rolls out new logo and slogan

The Manchester museum’s ‘Football Matters’ slogan is unveiled alongside a logo which nods to the building’s architecture

Manchester’s National Football Museum has revealed a new logo and slogan as part of a major rebrand.

Its new logo depicts a goal, football, and makes a nod to the sloped roof of its Urbis Building
 in Manchester’s city centre.

The building also now features its new slogan ‘Football Matters’. Last year the museum selected Liverpool’s Poke Marketing to carry out the rebrand.

Tim Desmond, CEO at National Football Museum, said: “Our new message of Football Matters is highlighting that football isn’t just about spectating. It’s about being there, being involved, coming together, no matter who you are or why you love it. And that is what people can expect when they come to the National Football Museum.”


The new brand is revealed as the museum opens its latest exhibition, ‘MARKERS’. Opening in its Score Gallery.

Exploring themes of LGBTQ+ rights, immigration, women’s football and ethnic minorities, Desmond said it “uses creativity for exploration, learning, debate and celebration as we highlight some of the most recognisable faces in football and shine the spotlight on some of the lesser-publicised success they have had off the pitch.”