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Museums Galleries Scotland unveils first ever subject specialist networks bursary

Museums Galleries Scotland aims to support the nation's cultural institutions, such as Edinburgh's National Museum of Scotland (pictured) | Image: © National Museum of Scotland

A new Subject Specialist Network Travel Bursary has been launched by Museums Galleries Scotland, designed to support Scotland’s museum workforce attending knowledge sharing events across the UK.

Subject Specialist Networks, or SSNs, are peer-to-peer knowledge sharing groups that operate across the UK. The first example of such a fund in Scotland, the Museums Galleries Scotland bursary has been established in order to support museums and galleries in preserving and sharing curatorial knowledge at SSN meetings.

Conceived following a meeting earlier this year, the bursary’s launch is an example of the organisation’s grants programme taking a new approach to meet what it describes as emerging sector needs.

“We are delighted to launch the SSNs Travel Bursary to support peer learning and expertise within museums and galleries,” noted Joe Traynor, head of museum development at Museums Galleries Scotland. “Through regular consultation with the sector we are aware of the challenges that museums and galleries face in developing and running projects that are eligible for grant funding. We are adapting our grants programme to respond to these challenges and maintain accessible funds for museums and galleries.”

Other recent changes to the Museums Galleries Scotland grants programme have seen the removal of the set match funding requirement for the Small Project Fund.

Further, the body has broadened the eligibility for its Purchase Fund to include all non-nationally styled independent and regimental museums for small equipment purchases up to £600. Grant application forms have also been simplified and grant claims processes are currently under review.