Digital interpretation with no internet access

Info-Point is a new twist on established technology. It solves the problems of providing digital content to visitor’s mobile phones:

  • Poor mobile phone signal and lack of public internet access
  • The skills and resources needed to build a mobile-friendly web site
  • Security and abuse concerns about connecting the public to your network
  • Hidden user costs caused by your content using a visitor’s data allowance
  • The challenge of 24/7 content provision at remote, exposed, closed, and unattended sites

The owner experience

Purchase an Info-Point Wi-Fi web server, and plug it into a power supply. Log into it’s Wi-Fi with your owner’s password and upload your content using the ‘Add content’ form. Info-Point processes and formats your content and adds it to the user menu. You can upload text, maps, photographs, leaflets, eBooks, audio and video, in a wide range of formats.

The visitor experience

Select the Info-Point Wi-Fi signal like you would at a hotel,or your home Wi-Fi hub. There is no password unless the owner chooses to restrict the content. Browse the Info-Point home page and access the content via the main menu.

The benefits

Info-Point works on all mobile devices. There is no app to download, no ongoing costs for owner or visitor, no need for internet or a phone signal. Each Info-Point covers up to 150 metres radius, and multiple Info-Point units will form a seamless network in a larger space. Depending on user device restrictions, users can also download content and use it later when out of range.

Info-Point will simultaneously stream audio and video tours to multiple users. With low power consumption and auto-recovery from power or system failures, it can be left permanently on and unattended.

Visit the Info-Point website and then ask for a demonstration today.