Migration Museum

Migration Museum partners with Spotify to trail new digital NHS exhibition

Image: The Museum's playlist artwork, featuring Nurses Eating Lunch, 1976 © Peter Marlow

In the run up to its first major digital exhibition, the Migration Museum has partnered with music streaming service Spotify to create a playlist celebrating each of the 72 years in which the NHS has served the British public.

To promote Heart of the Nation: Migration and the Making of the NHS, an exhibition dedicated to highlighting the key role migrants have played in the NHS throughout its history, London’s Migration Museum has compiled a playlist ranging from Ella Fitzgerald’s My Happiness all the way through to Thinkin ‘Bout You by Jake Isaac.

At a time when “Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of the NHS in all our lives and the invaluable contributions of people of all nationalities to this vital service”, the Museum’s inaugural major digital exhibition will focus on exploring the personal stories of people who have come to Britain to work for the health service.

The institution is still compiling content for the show, with the aim of launching in September. Anybody with a pertinent story to share is being urged to do so via email to [email protected].

The playlist, featuring all 72 tracks – some of which have been selected by NHS workers who have contributed their stories – can be found here.