Mather & Co cheers to Belgian Beer World opening

Image: Zone 1 of the Belgian Beer World (Mather & Co)

The experiential design agency details the new attraction, for which it created the concept design

The highly anticipated Belgian Beer World experience has officially opened its doors, ushering visitors into a realm of discovery, surprise, and pure pleasure. Experiential design agency, Mather & Co, are responsible for the concept design for this highly interactive beer experience.

Chris Mather, CEO at Mather & Co said: “Belgian Beer World is one of the world’s largest interactive beer branded experiences – to be part of this project is amazing. I will be at the International Museum Construction Conference in November doing a talk about the design process that brought Belgian Beer World to life.”

At the heart of Belgian Beer World lies Zone 1, where visitors embark on a captivating journey to ‘Taste the Culture.’ Belgium, renowned as the homeland of quality, diverse, and balanced beer, is celebrated here as an integral part of Belgian culture, reflecting the unique Belgitude approach to life. Visitors are invited to join the eclectic Belgian Beer Parade, where eight key installations reveal the profound connection between Belgian beer and culture. As you journey through this dynamic parade, you’ll experience the culture, meet Belgian greats, and get immersed into Belgitude.

In Zone 2, ‘Discover Untold Stories,’ visitors follow the Belgian Beer timeline as it weaves through a historic room. However, all is not as it seems. This zone invites you to crawl, lift, uncover, and reveal the untold stories of pioneering Belgian brewing spirit. Here, visitors can walk through the hops field, discover the Gruit library, witness history coming to life, and revel in the visual delight of the brands display.

In ‘Witness the Passion’ zone, visitors have the unique opportunity to meet the Belgian Brewer and delve into what makes them tick. Can you and your friends assist the brewer in achieving the perfect brew? The Brewer’s Notebook presents visitors with tasks to help in the brewing process, while keeping an eye on the decisions made by other participants via a live feed.

Zone 4, ‘Reveal the Processes,’ lets visitors explore the initial stage of brewing that form the essence of Belgian beer. The highlight is the immersive and interactive fermentation theatre, where the magic of brewing truly comes to life.

‘Explore Your Tastes’ zone introduces visitors to the secondary processes responsible for the infinite diversity of flavours in Belgian beer. With the guidance of virtual bartenders, visitors can discover their personal beer preferences and explore their selections on the beer wall. Each visitor receives a personal beer mat listing their top beers, ready for tasting.

In zone 6, ‘Inspire the World,’ visitors are invited to join the Belgian Beer ambassadors. This zone encourages visitors to share their thoughts about Belgian beer, leaving comments and impressions that are displayed on a globe. Additionally, photos from the previous zone’s virtual bartenders adore the wall, creating a lasting connection for visitors.

Malissa Geersing, Senior 3D Designer at Mather & Co said: “Belgian Beer World is more than a project; it’s a celebration of the rich tapestry of Belgian beer culture. Crafting this interactive experience allowed us to pour our passion into every detail.”

Belgian Beer World is more than just an experience; it’s a journey through the heart and soul of Belgium’s beloved beverage. It’s an invitation to learn, experience, and appreciate the rich culture and craftsmanship that makes Belgian beer truly exceptional.