Lights, camera…welcome back! ATS Heritage on how to make the perfect welcome video

As doors reopen at cultural and heritage sites around the world, staff and volunteers are busily preparing to receive visitors once again. But how can visitors be reassured that their visit will be a safe one, and what do they need to know in order to confidently make a booking?

A welcome video gives organisations the opportunity to clearly lay out the steps they have taken to ensure future visits will not only be safe but also enjoyable.

From Westminster Abbey to Bletchley Park, many sites have already created content that visitors can view online and on-site. These videos allow potential visitors the opportunity to learn about the Covid-19 procedures that are in place and is also great chance to offer some guidance on how to get the most from a visit.

What to include?

Information and guidance that can form part of a welcome video include:

  • Online ticketing information and whether or not it is necessary to book a time slot
  • Instructions on keeping a social distance from other visitors
  • Reassurance that you have a one-way route, offering visitors greater confidence
  • Rules and recommendations, such as asking people not to visit if they have any Covid-19 symptoms
  • Recommending wearing a face mask while in indoor spaces
  • Advising visitors that you have hand sanitiser stations throughout the site
  • Most importantly, emphasising that people should enjoy their visit!

For further information on producing your own welcome video, contact ATS today to discuss your needs and the organisation could soon be helping you to welcome back visitors in the knowledge that you are safely open for business.