Core conquer myths in new Viking exhibition at Yorkshire Museum

Huddersfield-based exhibition designers Core provide expert insight to help with the design and interpretation of Viking: Rediscover the Legend at Yorkshire Museum

Viking: Rediscover the Legend is a touring exhibition – which features some of the most exciting Anglo-Saxon and Viking discoveries ever made in Britain – now on display at the Yorkshire Museum in York, thanks to a major partnership with the British Museum and York Museums Trust.

Core ’s brief was to help change the way people perceive the Vikings from the usual stereotype of pillaging thieves. The exhibit therefore shows a more untold side of their tale, illustrating their traits as pioneering explorers and talented craftsmen, with rich religious beliefs and an incredibly discerning fashion sense. Star objects from both world-renowned collections, plus ground-breaking new archaeological research have come together in this new interpretative revelation.

Following an extensive six month project, Core has created a number of beautiful graphic displays with high-resolution photographs that allow visitors to study the precious discoveries in more detail. Fun interactive features have also been incorporated to contextualise the artefacts shown throughout – there is even the opportunity to experience what it might have been like to row a Viking long boat, with a seascape backdrop plus audio of crashing waves and loud Viking voices.

“We wanted to provide a fresh perspective on how the Vikings shaped every aspect of British life, and, for many people, this will mean we’re challenging perceptions of what it meant to be a Viking,” said Natalie Buy, Curator of Archaeology at the Yorkshire Museum. “But this is exactly what these exhibits are designed to do – immerse, enlighten and inspire. We’ve already received some fantastic feedback which is a true testament to the work of Core in helping us to bring this story to life.”

The exhibition will be on display at the Yorkshire Museum in York until November 5, 2017. It will then tour to the University of Nottingham Museum, as well as The Atkinson in Southport, Aberdeen Art Gallery and Norwich Castle Museum.