Largest paint-by-numbers project nears completion at Old Royal Naval College

The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, has been creating Europe’s largest ever paint-by-numbers to celebrate seminal British artist Sir James Thornhill’s 340th Anniversary and promote its fundraising campaign towards the restoration of his Painted Hall

The giant canvas measuring 2.5m x 1.66m is made up of over 7,500 pieces and depicts the central image in the Painted Hall – otherwise known as ‘the UK’s Sistine Chapel’ which is about to undergo its biggest transformation since it was created more than 300 years ago. Members of the public have been encouraged to help paint the record-breaking canvas, which re-launches the ORNC’s £1 Million Future Fund appeal. Until June 2016 every gift made to the fund will be doubled by HLF/DCMS.

“It took Thornhill more than 19 years to paint this beautifully ornate painted interior and we’re attempting to complete our very own version in just three days,” Will Palin, Director of Conservation at the ORNC said “This celebration comes at a crucial time for the ORNC as we kick off the next phase in our conservation work which will enable millions of people to continue to enjoy the Painted Hall for many years to come.”

As part of the conservation project, from 27 July, visitors to the ORNC will be able to enjoy a dedicated exhibition showcasing the work which is being carried out on the painting. The painting will be completed tomorrow and for more information on how to get involved visit the website.

A gazebo was set up earlier in the week outside the ORNC as the paint-by-numbers began
Hundreds of memmbers of the public have taken part in the project
Attempting to create the lagest painting-in-numbers in Europe
Children have been given the chance to take part
The paint-by-numbers inside the Painted Hall underneath its bigger brother