Kettle's Yard

Kettle’s Yard takes Instagram inspiration for relaxing live stream

Image: © Kettle's Yard/Twitter

The University of Cambridge’s Kettle’s Yard has responded to a visitor’s comment on Instagram by launching a live webcam feed from within the gallery. The stream is designed to support those missing the site’s quiet, contemplative spaces during Covid-19 lockdown.

The live feed from Kettle’s Yard updates at a rate of one frame every eight seconds between the times of 5.30am and 8.30pm. The stream places viewers on the first floor of the Kettle’s Yard cottages, looking towards Cambridge’s Northampton Street.

The initiative, Kettle’s Yard revealed, was inspired by a suggestion made on Instagram from @joolsburke. When the organisation told him the webcam had been set up, he responded: “Kettle’s Yard is a magical place and being able to sit in a quiet corner and see the light change in the room is something I have loved for years. Being able to see this online is brilliant, and a reminder of what we hope to get back to before too long.”

After Jim and Helen Ede purchased Kettle’s Yard in 1957, they set about reimagining its spaces. This renovation included establishing a small conservatory full of plants, glass fishing floats, pebbles, shells and artworks.

The conservatory was designed to harness the maximum amount of natural sunlight as Jim Ede was said to have been fascinated by the way light and shadows could animate both a space and the objects and artworks within.

If the site’s latest venture is anything to go by, it seems this passion remains undimmed among the gallery’s visitors today.