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How ITV Content Delivery works with its customers to provide archive access

The broadcast company explains how it has evolved its internal content delivery service into a customer-facing function.

ITV (or Independent Television) has been around for over 65 years and is renowned for producing and broadcasting hugely popular content which has placed the brand at the heart of popular culture within the UK.

In a rapidly evolving technological environment this has seen ITV content move from film, to tape to 4K definition files. With a huge back catalogue of content going back decades there has always been a demand internally from ITV to restore and remaster popular historical content for reuse and commercial sale.

Although previously this was done through using the expertise of third party suppliers, a few years ago ITV took the strategic decision to bring this function in-house so that it could more closely control the latest formats required and save money by internally offering a much more cost effective service.

An ITV Spokesperson Bethan Wilkin, Head of ITV Content Delivery explained: “We embrace flexibility through everything we do so that our customers receive a service that is unrivaled. Our in-house capabilities mean that we can work across any format to ensure that the end result is delivered fit for purpose every time.

“Because ITV has been so impressed with the internal service that ITV Content Delivery provides, not only in cost savings but in speed of turnaround and the level of customer service, it has decided to offer this service to an external client base. “

The department has grown significantly in the past five years, added a wealth of additional capabilities to its now award-winning service, and has a portfolio of satisfied clients from sporting institutions, streaming platforms, broadcasters, production companies, PLCs and film distribution companies, amongst many others.


It is passing on the economies of scale it has generated from being the trusted custodians of ITV’s huge archive to a new audience, whether it is ITV content its users would like to remaster and repurpose, or content in film, tape or file format.

“We’re always looking for ways to do things better where everyone benefits from the improvement. We pride ourselves on our innovation and technical knowledge and we embrace this internal resource to develop new added value services and keep up with the latest advancements in technology which only enhances our capabilities,” said Wilkin an ITV Spokesperson.

ITV Content Delivery has also maintained its central hub for this service in Leeds, Yorkshire as this enables it to maintain a lower cost base whilst creating a central content transfer and delivery hub in the North of England.

ITV Content Delivery works within this industry because it is passionate about archive, and understands that it is the temporary custodian of a visual reference to our cultural history.Its vision is to help its customers preserve the historical value of its content, and help them to unlock any commercial value at the same time.

An ITV spokesperson Wilkin said: “We always treat our client’s content with the utmost respect and care and ensure that we preserve their footage safely in the manner for which it was originally intended to be enjoyed.

“We understand that our clients often need us to complete their requests as a matter of urgency and to meet specific deadlines. As a business we do everything in our power, from initial quote through to delivery, to ensure that everything is done as efficiently as possible, without compromising the quality of the work we do.”

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