Innovative 71MP high resolution camera released by book2net – ideal for archiving

The company behind some of the most popular public and production library and heritage digitisation systems is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product, the K71 camera.

The K71 is set to revolutionise the use of high resolution DSLR cameras in the heritage sector. Currently the majority of digitisation studios use high-end DSLR systems which are designed for general photographic use. This means that there are a number of elements which can let image quality, control systems and maintenance down when used in an archival environment on copy stands. The K71 overcomes problems found when using DSLRs on copy stands, thanks to its design and intuitive capture technology.

The K71 uses an overwhelming 71 million pixel CMOS sensor which brings a number of benefits. 71 mega pixels ensures high resolution optical capture whilst the latest CMOS technology means there is no longer a mechanical shutter, this is replaced by an electronic shutter which brings the benefits of no mechanical parts as well as the elimination of shutter vibration. The CMOS sensor has been specifically selected to offer low power consumption which in turn results in low noise and a high dynamic range.

USB 3.0 connectivity utilises the latest in high-speed transfer speeds with either book2net’s own capture software or via the provided open SDK. Control of the K71 camera is intuitive and in-depth ensuring the correct colour inputs, white balance and lens corrections at all times. A modular adaptor concept allows the use of a wide range of precision lenses such as Manufacture type, M-type or F-type.

The K71 will be available for demonstration during the international CeBit conference from the 16-20th March on the Microbox stand D35, hall 3 and for demonstrations in the UK and Ireland from March 23rd.

If you would like more information on the K71 contact Tom Brown at Genus on 024 7625 4923 or email: [email protected].

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