Chargeurs Museum Solutions

How Chargeurs Museum Solutions can help restart revenue streams post-lockdown

Turnkey solutions from Chargeurs Museum Solutions are tailored to help organisations across the cultural sector to maximise the potential of their operations when reopening after lockdown.

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, every museum, attraction and visitor centre will inevitably face challenges in reopening and remaining open over the next few months. As such, Chargeurs Museum Solutions (CMS) is focusing its efforts on assisting all cultural institutions in capitalising existing assets alongside re-planning and reinventing their business models to efficiently restart revenue streams.

The CMS team, made up of award-winning museum and visitor experience specialists, offers a fully integrated solution and service which are specifically targeted for cultural institutions reopening.

Reopen and restart

The company’s turnkey solutions enable clients to:

  • Safely reopen and restart their business
  • Create a safer environment for employees and visitors whilst maintaining the existing and newly developed narrative experiences
  • Optimise museum exhibition and back of house spaces, instilling trusts in employees and visitors to boost business operations
  • Create employment opportunities – which in turn will help in the nation’s response to the socioeconomic crisis

These solutions, Chargeurs states, will not only monetise a museum’s current assets but will also be an asset in helping improve employment opportunities; bringing people back to work to deliver the proposed solutions.

CMS comprises subsidiaries which have worked alongside clients from museums and cultural institutions to corporate exhibitions and trades shows for over 50 years. Its ever-growing network encompasses the full range of project services from creativity to execution, with every individual project receiving a tailored combination of industry skills and expertise.

With this repertoire of subsidiaries and specialist partners around the world, the firm is able to mobilise rapidly in assisting and supporting institutions to transform vision into a reality – even in the most challenging times.

To enable museums to reopen as soon and as successfully as possible, CMS will work collaboratively and cohesively with a client’s team in both the planning and implementation of its integrated solutions.

For further information, please contact Carol See at [email protected] or visit chargeurscreative.com/livingtogether.