Hello, can I help you? Staplegrove Church School takeover Somerset Heritage Centre

Main Image: Staplegrove Church School takeover Somerset Heritage Centre

You may be forgiven for thinking that you’d called the wrong number when getting in touch with Somerset Heritage Centre, part of South West Heritage Trust on Takeover Day as pupils from Staplegrove Church School were manning the phones as well as taking on other important museum roles. They even nominated journalists from their cohort to record their sterling work. Here are their reports, Q&As and photos …

Katrina McAllister

I am Katrina, aged 9. Today me and 27 other children from Staplegrove School have taken over the Heritage Centre. Some had the job as a receptionists, which meant answering the phone calls, counting statistics of September and October, greeting people and working behind desks.

As a Journalist, I loved looking at the old writing, studying maps and books. While being an Archivist, I got to read really old writing on documents and find lots of different things out about them. Being a Journalist meant missing out on doing Dip ink, however I got some quotes about it.

“The dip ink has a nice flow, good for writing but doesn’t dry quick” (Miss Kowalski)

“Easy to do, fun and great for sketches” (Shannon)

The pupils at Staplegrove Church School were fascinated with the dip ink pens and wax

Amelia Douglas

Hello, I’m Amelia, age 9, and I’m with Year 5, Staplegrove on Takeover Day. I’m being a journalist today and I have written a news report and got some quotes from my classmates.

Receptionist Duty: One of the tasks we did was being a receptionist where we got to greet people and answer the telephone. I got to count the statistics of September and October. Lots of people enjoyed the role and felt very important. “I liked working with computers” (Ellie)

Tour: We also got to go behind the scenes and see the store rooms where the things that aren’t on display are kept. We saw some old machinery and artworks, and some animal bones.  “I liked seeing all the unique animals” (Evie)

Writing: Some of our classmates got to write their names in an English language called Secretary Hand. They wrote with ink quills and wrote on Roman wax tablets and Victorian slates. “It’s a good opportunity to try writing a different way” (Megan)

I really like Takeover Day and I would really like to come again!

Ellie Hoyle

My name is Ellie Hoyle and I am 9 years old. Today I have interviewed my friends from Staplegrove Church School at the Somerset Heritage Centre on Takeover Day where we have enjoyed the activities. I wish I could have done the dip pens but I really enjoyed being a journalist. Here are the answers from Megan Bayon. Megan is 9 like me and has done the searchroom assistance role, the tour and the dip pens.

What was your favourite activity? Being a searchroom assistant.

What would you rate it out of 10? 10!

Would you work here if you could? Yes.

Why do you believe that this is important? To help advertise the Heritage Centre.

Did you enjoy your visit? Absolutely.

What would you like to see different next visit? To get to answer the phone more.

We both really enjoyed our visit, we thought it was great fun although we would both have liked to answer the phone more!

Evan Elliott

My name is Evan, I am nine years old and I’m a journalist at the Somerset Heritage Centre. Me and my class have come here from Staplegrove School. I have asked my classmate called Dax if I can interview him. Here are his answers to the questions I have asked him.

How fun was your day today? Good fun because there’s lots of different things to do.

What was your favourite thing? Dip pens because it’s really unique and not many people do it!

How would you rate this place on a scale from 1-10? 10 because there’s not many places with this stuff.

Would you like to do this again? Yes, 100% because there is so much to do here.

Did you enjoy your visit to the Centre? Yes, because it’s a very unique experience!

What would you like to be added? Nothing because it’s already really good.

In conclusion, I have really enjoyed it here in the Centre, so have all my classmates. I hope this has made you more interested in Museums because it has made me more interested in them. I think I will visit more museums further on in life!