Gretna schoolchildren take over Devil’s Porridge Museum!

Article: Gretna Primary School pupils

Students from Gretna Primary School have been in charge at Devil’s Porridge this morning, with Euan and Faye running the museum’s social media this morning.

Euan said: “I have been really enjoying takeover day and working as part of the social media team. The reason I applied for the job was because I wanted to find out more about social media and work with the with likes of Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Our teachers told us all about the Devil’s Porridge Takeover and how much fun it would be.”

Faye, whose favourite part has been taking photos of the day, said: “Takeover day has been really great. I think everyone has enjoyed taking part in jobs and helping out around the museum.

“I picked this role so I could work with social media and help upload pictures,” she continued. “We all, wrote applications, which was exciting, and learned the responsibility of having a job in a museum.”

Museum access and learning officer, Steve Bogle, explained: “We advertised all our takeover jobs in our two nearest primary schools and the number of job application was over whelming and it was very difficult to select the candidates.

“All department of the museum have been taking over today not just our social media, but our café and welcome desk have been taken over as well as our Access and learning role and museum researcher positions.”

Richard Brodie, chairman of the board of trustees, added, “it has been great fun taking part in the day and all the staff have really enjoyed having the extra help this morning form Gretna primary school and we are looking forward to the Eastriggs takeover this afternoon.”